About Us

Since 1990 we have created and managed solutions to shipping, logistics, and warehousing challenges for a wide variety of companies. We enhance supply chain control and visibility, improving cost-efficiency and reliability.

We know that the lifeblood of every business is movement. Incoming goods that supply your operation; outgoing products that need to make it to your customers on time and in perfect condition; trade show materials that need to be stored and shipped with precision; that mistakes in any of these areas can be disastrous. Anderson is a boutique shipping, logistics, and warehousing company with global reach. We handle jobs with a deep understanding of your needs, high-touch customer service, and a proactive approach to solving problems. Whether you have a unique problem, like shipping a lab across the country, or want to turn your entire shipping operation into an efficient machine, Anderson is focused on handling exceeding your service expectations. We handle your freight as if it was our own and keep you informed, every step of the way.

Anderson Cargo. Managed freight and custom shipping solutions aren’t just part of what we do, it’s what we specialize in, part of our DNA, and who we are.

Call us, and find out what our specialists can do for you.

Executive Leadership

Brian Anderson

Brian is a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple companies and is currently serving on the board of several start-ups, providing business leadership, business development acumen, business consulting and strategic direction. Throughout his career he has gained broad experience across many industries as they relate to supply chain, fulfillment and logistics. This depth of business knowledge led him to see a gap in the shipping marketplace. He envisioned and then started several companies that provide a range of service offerings that tailor solutions to business problems involving transportation. Anderson also started five separate transportation companies. Through innovative use of proprietary technology and proven business practices, Anderson makes doing business more efficient and cost-effective—no matter the complexity.

He received his BA from the University of Minnesota, majoring in Political Science and Business. He remains active in both today.