Cyber Optics

Cyber Optics is a technology leader in optical process control sensors and inspection systems that enable the global electronics industry to meet the rigorous competitive demands.

Cyber Optics

Cyber Optics is the market and technology leader in optical process control sensors and inspection systems that enable the global electronics industry to meet the rigorous competitive demands of virtually any digital application requiring quality printed circuit boards.

They provide a steadily growing range of yield and throughput tools for two vertical markets including SMT electronic assembly equipment and semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment. Yet, their shipping costs were becoming prohibitive, and they needed an expert to examine their entire process and make improvements wherever necessary.


Cyber Optics is now, essentially, shipping for free. Reorganizing their shipping saved them that much money. Their shipping system is now efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective, keeping everyone informed about the status of every shipment. Over the first 40 shipments, Cyber Optics has saved over $100,000, on duty alone. They estimate that they are saving at least $1,000 per shipment and, more importantly, shipping is now easy. Everyone knows how the system works, every shipper and recipient has all the information and equipment they need, and customers are thrilled.

The Situation and Challenge

Cyber Optic’s sales demand drove production capacity to its limits, and shipping their large pieces of equipment was becoming an obvious bottleneck that constrained growth. Anderson was called upon to develop systems and procedures to remove that bottleneck and remove these constraints to growth. A newly acquired research and development facility in the North of England presented special challenges.

The facility had no dock or forklift, the units produced there were large (over 70″ tall and weighing 2000 lbs), and, because of their size, they could not be shipped out of Manchester (the closest port).

Meeting the Challenge

Anderson came in, did a careful, in-depth, and comprehensive analysis of Cyber Optic’s needs. Our UK staff met with the key stakeholders at the new R & D facility to produce the customized solution. We assisted and prepared much of the required UK documentation. Arrangements to provide all of the appropriate equipment were supplied at the shipper, and the goods trucked to London’s’ Heathrow airport.

Our solution was a comprehensive, end-to-end system. The freight was booked to the cargo carriers and then shipped to the appropriate U.S. port. The system automatically arranged for thorough U.S. customs presentation, and for billing all appropriate charges back to the company.


Taking the time to fully understand our customers business and their customer’s needs enabled us to design a customized solution that perfectly addressed their challenges.

Our system shipped from the UK direct to the end user to keep our client’s systems as simple as possible. In doing this we were able to make the system even more efficient and cost-effective; properly defining and pricing equipment significantly reduced the duty costs.

Forty (40) shipments later the reduced duty costs exceeded $100,000.00. Based upon the revised process, freight is (essentially) free, the system simple to use and understand, and Cyber Optics is saving an average of $1000.00 per shipment.