F100 Healthcare

A Global Fortune 100 Insurance Company was responding to a bid to insure the employees of a heavily populated state. The failure to follow any of the strict guidelines meant could cost the company 10s of millions of dollars in lost business.

The Situation and Challenge

Every minute of time available was needed for last minute bid modifications and final printing of a 75 part proposal; presented in triplicate. Timing was critical. Bids were required to be kept in a locked room prior to collection, and supervised, while loading. Trucks were sealed and seal numbers provide to shipper and consignee. The bids were transported in an exclusive use vehicle, with team drivers straight through 11 states. The bidder met the truck at predetermined location, broke the seal and inspected the contents. The truck trailer was resealed and parked in a secure area over night. Truck arrived at 0900 as instructed and did the additional labor pool.  Because the shipment contained critical and confidential information, one driver stayed in the cab, one in the trailer between transfers, and the lift-gate, two laborers were supervised by the bidders personal while moving bids from the door to the elevator and into the pre-designated locked storage room on the third floor.


To quote Jeff Smith, the team lead, “Now that (our bid has been successfully tendered ) this shipment is complete, I’d like to congratulate you for the absolute perfection you delivered, at every step of the way – from Brian’s counsel and patience as we planned this process to…the unloading crew for delivering the last and possibly most difficult leg – into a pedestrian entrance and up to the third floor in an elevator.”

This high-visibility critically important bid was delivered exactly on schedule, the entire process was seamless and smooth from the planning stages to secured delivery and our staff was informed every step of the way.

Value-Add Results

The first step in the process was a careful examination of the situation. We considered the a last minute cross country delivery and the potential cost of failure?  Anderson’s  comprehensive analysis uncovered the need for absolute security, redundancy, and additional labor. The plan included and specified 2011 or newer equipment, tested lift-gate mechanism, rested drivers, two separate truck seals, secure overnight storage, pre-inspection and load confirmation prior to delivery, extra labor, scheduled check-in points and a totally supervised and secure inside delivery plan. In addition, a rapid response team was put into place, with a series of back-up trucks and drivers on standby notice at pre-designated points along the route in case there was a serious problem during the transport.

The Anderson staff was present at every stage of the delivery. Key stakeholders were continuously updated during the move in progress, arrival, inspection, delivery point arrival, labor on site and final proof of delivery.


The company was thrilled with the process and professionalism of the Anderson staff.  Anderson provided a flawless execution of a critical job that resulted in meeting the exact delivery requirements specified in the bid.