Mocon is a leading provider of systems and services designed to assess materials and processes. Their products are used in research laboratories, production environments and for quality control applications in the life sciences, as well as the pharmaceutical, food, fuel, plastics, electronics, paints and coatings industries.


Our customized solution involved both procedures and our advanced automated system. This has greatly reduced the amount of paperwork associated with every shipment, vastly improving turnaround time, cost-effectiveness, and customer happiness.

The Challenge

From our initial meetings with Mocon, it was clear that their world-class testing equipment was being processed in an extremely inefficient manner. Interdepartmental communications were extremely limited and the accounting department was holding up billing because they were continually waiting for faxes confirming delivery from the shipping company. Further, they were not able to apply freight costs to the customer.

Customer service and sales department representatives were regularly disrupting their own day and the shipping process because they had to actually visit the shipping area to obtain the status of any particular order. Managers had few tools to monitor daily activity without a personally checking the paperwork. The shipping area was littered with stacks of hand prepared waybills, waiting to be filed and or status confirmed. No process was in place to confirm closure on a particular order.

Our Solution

Within two (2) business days of receiving our advanced e-shipping solution the positive results started showing. Order status was automatically confirmed to all stakeholders as soon as it left the shipping department. Shipping data was immediately and automatically supplied to everyone who needed to know.

Customer service was given access to the last 30 days of shipping activity for easy and immediate access to shipment information. Accounting was provided shipping costs each morning. Production Managers had immediate access to all the data they needed.


Paper documentation was almost completely eliminated. Customized reports are always available to everyone that needs them. Accounting has improved cash flow as shipping activity is now available daily by 8:30 a.m. via an automated report that provides all daily activity, including freight charges.

Customer satisfaction has been improved dramatically because 85% of all shipping related questions are now answered immediately.

Calls to the shipping department requesting status or tracking information have dropped dramatically, giving them more time to handle real problems. Our customized solution has turned a complex and frustrating situation into an efficient and cost-effective machine that keeps both employees and customers happy.