The "E-Freight Edge," or The Edge as we call it, is our proprietary technology platform that adds control, visibility, and cost-efficiency for all your and logistics and shipping needs.

The Edge For Your Shipping and Logistics

Using The Edge you can get advanced information on any of your goods transactions—inbound and outbound. Now you can know when your incoming goods are due to arrive, when your latest shipment has landed on the customer dock, and the status of your inventory while in motion.

Your ERP system tells you what you need to order and when, and what to ship and when, but The Edge takes that a step further. The Edge can actually initiate those shipments and track them in transit. It handles the dirty work that your ERP system doesn’t touch; the fulfillment and tracking of all of your goods, both inbound and outbound. Think of it as the operational extension of your ERP system on both the front- and back-end.

With The Edge you’ll always know:

For Inbound Freight

  • When your goods have been prepped to ship and are on the dock
  • Whether your goods have shipped
  • Where they are
  • Any problems that may be arising with every shipment
  • When to expect your goods on your dock

For Outbound Freight

  • Whether any specific shipment has shipped
  • Provides a detailed manifest of the actual incoming goods (think about being able to prepare
  • For short shipments!)
  • Where it is in transit
  • When the customer can expect it
  • When it delivered, its’ condition, and who signed for it

And, perhaps the best aspect of The Edge is that you also get the expert staff at Anderson to assist you with everything. The combination of our expertise and The Edge means that everything you move becomes part of a seamless, efficient, reliable, and system that keeps you informed every step of the way.